# Optimize

# Well, we must admit: AI is not perfect... yet...

The same hting can be said about humans, but there is hope. By try, catch or try and error, things can be optimized in the landscape of content and information

# Why

Optimization of end result of content can be a dificult task. It implifies tring different versions. Just by tring multiple ways you can know for sure that you have achive the best solution

# What

We can do both measurements, repetitive tries and analize the end result. In terms of content marketing and communication, either based on web measurements coupled with CRM or other data, we can bring the changes to the content and communication that bring growth.

# In practice

We can try in a month with the help of AI generated content all the communication posibilities and measure their result. For a simple landing page or communication headline we can do A-Z testings that bring better results.